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The NESC Academy was established by the NASA Engineering and Safety Center NESC, headquartered at NASA Langley Research Center, to enable effective knowledge capture and transfer and ensure technical information remains viable and accessible. For example, while current launch vehicles have the ability to place a 4.5 m diameter payload with a mass of 9400 kg on to a Sun-Earth L2 transfer trajectory, the Ares V is projected to have the ability to place an 8.8 m diameter payload with a mass of approximately 60,000 kg on to the same trajectory, or 180,000 kg into Low Earth Orbit.

The Ares I Launch Vehicle is planned as the crew launch vehicle replacement for the Space Shuttle, which is scheduled for retirement in 2011. The Ares I-X configuration resembles the Saturn V vehicle but differs in ways that are significant from a flight control perspective. 21/07/2011 · Ares Crew Launch Vehicle CLV Going forward, the Agency will need a launch system for the CEV, one which does not at present exist. Two possibilities exist by which NASA might obtain such a vehicle. The first is to develop a launch system derived from Shuttle components, specifically the SRB with a new upper stage. Work platforms surround the Ares I-X launch vehicle in the Vehicle Assembly Building's High Bay 4 at NASA's Kennedy Space Center in Florida. The rocket has. Meanwhile the vehicles all received names - Ares I and Ares V for the Crew and Cargo Launch Vehicles, Orion for the CEV, and Altair for the LSAM. Within months both boosters morphed into an all-new designs. By late 2008 the J-2S, using a kluge of new, foreign, and domestic design elements, had become the long pole in the CEV development tent.

Ares Launch Vehicle Transonic Buffet Testing and Analysis Techniques. David J. Piatak. 1. Martin K. Sekula. 2. Russ D. Rausch. 3. Aeroelasticity Branch / NASA Langley Research Center. Hampton, VA 23681. It is necessary to define the launch vehicle buffet loads to ensure that structural components and vehicle subsystems possess adequate. ADVANCED GUIDANCE ALGORITHMS FOR THE ARES V CARGO LAUNCH VEHICLE Shelly Su Dr. Craig A. Kluever, Thesis Supervisor ABSTRACT Launch ascent guidance is an area that routinely involves applications of optimization tools and optimal control theory. The vacuum ascent trajectory problem has been formulated as. projects develop the crew launch vehicle CLV and crew exploration vehicle CEV technology. The Ares project has the task of developing the vehicle necessary to launch the CEV and associated hardware to destinations beyond low earth orbit. The engineering of the Ares CLV is a departure from past launch vehicles in that computational fluid. Ares Launch Vehicle Transonic Buffet David J. Piatak Martin K. Sekula Russ D. Rausch Aeroelasticity Branch NASA Langley Research Center Hampton, VA NASA Commercial Crew Development Program Aeroscience Technical Interchange Meeting National Aeronautics and Space Administration 1.

Analysis of Ares Crew Launch Vehicle Transonic Alternating Flow Phenomenon Martin K. Sekula,∗ David J. Piatak,† and Russ D. Rausch† NASA Langley Research Center, Hampton, Virginia 23681.

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